Nan Busse

Photograph by Tommy Wu
Nan Busse has been creating dance-based art works since receiving her M.F.A. in studio art from UC-Irvine a long time ago. Collaborating with choreographer Chrisopher Beck, she made pieces performed at Centerspace (Project Artaud) and New College; and with her partner, poet Tobey Kaplan, participated in the "Link" inter-disciplinary performance series. Since about 1999 she has been unable to stop dancing - thanks to Yvonne Caldwell, Evelyn Thomas, Roger Dillahunty, Georgia Ortega and John Tanner. Thanks also to the great Cassie Terman for performance wisdom and improvisational challenge. Nan is eternally grateful to Danny and dancers for giving her the opportunity to perform. She works as an Education Therapist in the East Bay.